Zion Evangelical Church

We strive to be a Bible-based & Spirit-led church.

Being a Bible-based church means that we strive to be a church that bases all we do on the Word of God.  God gave us the Bible as His Word for our lives, and as a church, we strive to study it and apply it to our lives.  We also strive to be a Spirit-led church.  By that, we mean that we seek to pray before all actions are taken.  We aspire to seek God's will in everything we do as a church.  We realize that all growth our church experiences is a direct result of the Holy Spirit at work.


Come as you are

We want you to come just as you are. When you walk through our doors you may see people dressed up, but you will also see people in jeans and t-shirts. We want to make sure when you visit you are comfortable. As long as you are come through our doors, we want to make sure you feel loved and welcomed. If you ever need anything, always feel free to connect with us. We love to hear from our new visitors. 


Get to know the Zion Evangelical Church leadership

The leadership of our church consists of one pastor and elders.  

Pastor Mark Farran   

Pastor Mark has been with us since 2017.  He is married to his wonderful wife Jamie and has two sons Beckham and Roman.

Elder Hootie Decker

Elder Barry Krause

Elder Randy Crowe