There is a ministry for everyone


This team is dedicated to showing the love of Christ to children from birth to preschool age. They oversee these age groups during the   Sunday morning Bible classes and during the Sunday service.



Property and Ground

This team is dedicated to seeing all of the church’s property be used for the Glory of God. They work with all the ministries in making sure each ministry’s physical environment is set up for optimal use. They also oversee all repairs and improvements to the church and our parsonage to make sure the pastor’s family is provided for.




This team helps lead us to becoming a church that worships God with all of our heart. They oversee all aspects of the worship songs       including the choir, weekly praise music for Sunday service, and  special music. They also oversee the technical equipment needed for Sunday morning services, altar décor and banners.




This team leads the charge for us as a church to answer the question, “How can we as a church reach out with the Gospel of Jesus Christ to those in need?”



Youth Group

Come and hang out at Youth Group! We have a ton of cool stuff going on like basketball tournaments, pizza eating contests, and much more! Not only do we have a lot of fun but we tackle serious issues going on with our youth today. 



Children's Ministry

This team oversees the spiritual development of our kids from kindergarten age up to 6th grade. They oversee the Sunday morning Bible classes for this age group and coordinates children’s church during the Sunday service. This ministry team also oversees the     vacation Bible school during the summer and the Christmas program.


This team is passionate about seeing everyone connected and involved in the life of the church. They lead efforts Sunday morning to connect with new visitors, extend invitations to new residents in the community, and provide information about our church and first steps to become more involved.